Antalya Expo 2016 - en

In Antalya Expo 2016, which is established in 1121 acres, turnkey works we have done in the whole area;

Camera and Security Systems Installation

Network Monitoring System Module 
Geographic Information Systems Module 
Video Content Analysis Module 
Access Control System Module 
Fire Alarm System Module 
Rfid System Module 
Sensor Module 
Sms Module 
3D Module 
Camera Management 
Custom Sensor Attachment 
Fire Sensor Attachment

Video Analytics Systems Setup

Crowd Detection 
People Counting 
Missing Children 
Line Passing 
Burglary Detection 
Smoke Detection 
Fire Detection 
Missing Object Detection 
Forgotten / Dropped Packet Detection 
Standing / Standby Vehicle Detection 
Forbidden Park Detection 
Video Wall Screens 
Video Wall Controller 
Ip Video Recording Platform 
Application Server 
Data Storage 
Application Database Server External Unit 
Application Workstation 
Application Workstation Monitor 
Video Analytics System Environmental Monitoring Server 
Tape Backup Unit 
Camera Poles