Smart City Applications

Smart city and smart municipalism make city life extremely convenient. They promise an understanding of city planning in which we can access to all knowledge immediately and make our operations extremely quickly. A strong infrastructure and technology are required for all of them to be put into practice. In this point, Sette Yapı is interested in this topic either with its infrastructure work or its experience and fund of technological knowledge and it continues its work.

In our World whose vision become more ‘’smart’’, every day with the improvements in technology, products, services, and systems are developed with more smart approaches and their integration to each other becomes more active. The concepts of a smart city and smart municipalism mean how the technologies which can communicate with each other can change the running of the World. People, institutions, and almost everything can digitally communicate with each other with natural and artificial systems. It offers smart solutions for municipalities in many fields such as water management, traffic, health, security, energy, public services and banking systems and it provides time and energy savings.