Special Solutions


  • It is the knowledge exchange between far distances about medicine and health using information and communication technologies.
  • The healthy life project is a health program for the remote care and control of chronic illnesses.
  • The healthy life makes an integration between the specialists, clinics, patient care center, patients and the relatives of the patients. The healthy life provides 70/75 % savings in our clinics’ administration costs about the monitoring of chronic illnesses.
  • It includes the relatives of the patients in the process.
  • It makes the care and control of the patient without visiting the clinic and provides the use of the health facilities at the least level. It obtains the total quality of patient care, it reduces the clinic and policlinic expenses to the minimum level.
  • It enables to take the patient’s vital measurement values via the system founded in the house or at the workplace of the patient.
  • The data obtained with the automatic structuring of the illness symptom questioning by the system are enabled to be transferred to the servers via GSM.


  • It monitors the traffic flow and intensity, evaluates the data taken from the traffic detecting systems, develops quick and effective measures against the negative situations which may occur and provides the traffic security and order.
  • The Exact Adaptive Junction Management System is a working system in which the plan times of the signalized junctions are optimized according to parameters such as the traffic volume formed or the queue and the new durations are applied in a real-time way. It can work as an isolated (one junction) or coordinated (group of junctions) program.
  • The importance of the smart transport systems increases every day for providing the traffic security and forming more comfortable transport means for the drivers. Thanks to the traffic detectors, the signalized junctions become exactly adaptive and the traffic can be optimized according to the traffic intensity. We intend to form a Traffic Control Center and control the intracity transport according to the traffic intensity and by this means to make the pedestrians, vehicle drivers and all of the citizens affected by the traffic included in the transport in the most comfortable way. The online and real-time optimization of the traffic signal times is made depending on the parameters such as the traffic volume formed and the queues. We are planning at least a 20 % improvement in the pause time per vehicle. Statistical data are produced and they can be reported.


  • It is named as Central Supervision Control and Data Collection System.
  • Thanks to this central software, we provide a remote counter reading and billing system, monitoring of all fire systems, automation control of the water pumps, monitoring the fingerprints, monitoring the entrances and exits through the door, and monitoring the filling and emptying the water tanks. We also provide collecting the customers’ demands and monitoring and controlling them from a single center.
  • SCADA is a system in which the facilities dispersed on a large area can be monitored with devices such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet computer. It is basically software. It can be used from only one device, moreover, we offer control and monitoring services by more than one computers or mobile devices with network contacts.