GSM-R Field Management and Telecommunication Services and Mainten

Mobile communication systems are needed for the coordination and application of railway management and maintenance. The GSM-R system was developed in order to eliminate the difference between the countries in the communication system and provide a standard application uniting the 35 different systems formed in the transfer between the countries in Europe around only one system. It was done adding additional features developed for railways to the standard GSM technology.

The system to be established will enable the communication to 250 km/hour train speed to be made without intervals and support a 500 km/hour speed. The railway staff will be in continuous communication while the train goes with the indicated speed and the machinist will in communication with the related dispatcher in each region. The system will meet the ETCS level 2 needs, provide a common communication platform for the train control systems of the future and will comprise the stations and business places on the route. Group conversations between the trackside and the shunting area workers and the data communication of the Automatic Train Control (ATC) system which controls and coordinates the train between the train and the ground can be made. While the GSM-R system was being formed, some features specific to the railway were added to the railway GSM system. It is always possible to access to the requested personnel and train everywhere without needing to remember the numbers of the people or to look for and find them with functional addressing, independent from which personnel is in which train with functional numbering.

There are different dispatchers in different regions since the train passes from different dispatcher regions in long distance journeys. The machinist can always connect to the dispatcher responsible from the region he is located at that moment with Addressing Dependent to the Region. Thanks to the voice announcement service, an announcement can be made to a whole group, for example to all trains and machinists in the same region at the same moment.

For an emergency, the system allows the conversation about the emergency, interrupting the present conversation. The system can work together with the other communication and GSM systems. Sound and internet communication via GPRS without any interruption is possible on the train because of its coverage feature. On the other hand, as the necessities of contemporary transport, it has different applications such as informing about the needs of the passengers immediately, knowing the number of passengers who get on and off, ticket sale in the train and wagon following system. The first GPRS contract in the World was made in 1998 and the first system installation was completed in 2000 and it continues in many other places. The GSM-R is the new European standard in railway communication technology. According to the directives of the European Union numbered 9/48 and 2011/16, the ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) and the ETCS (European Train Control System) use GSM-R as the carrier. 32 railway businesses in Europe (EIRENE MoU) signed a common work in order to use the GSM-R for their interior services and railway applications. The GSM-R system was started to be used commonly in European railways and outside Europe, its test and tender processes continue in countries such as the USA, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Kazakhstan and Russia. The GSM-R tender was made for the section of Ankara-Eskişehir and it was concluded and Siemens San. Ve Tic.A.Ş. signed a contract on 05/07/2007. The places of the base stations and towers which the GSM-R system will provide a coverage on the high-speed train way between Ankara and Eskişehir have already been determined and their place deliveries have already been made. Work for the installation of the system still continues. The GSM-R system will be used in the high-speed Train 2nd stage Eskişehir-H. Paşa section project, Ankara-Konya high-speed train project and the Ankara-İzmir, Ankara-Kayseri-Sivas, Osmaneli-Bursa high-speed train project conducted by DLH and planned by the MARMARAY project. It will be used in the high-speed train projects after them.

It serves with its experienced staff in all of the processes from the discovery of the locations and the design of the requested kpi values and EIRP plans in order to provide the RF coverage inside the building in the TELECOMMUNICATION GSM infrastructure to the assembly and starting of the RF and infrastructure equipment according to this design to the walk test,Edge/GPRS ve SWR of the fields whose assemblies are completed and their reporting and EMR measurements.